GTAO Collectable Cards Back Up

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1 Alamo Sea At the pier above Alamo Sea Where the Valkyrie is stored for the Humane Labs Raid, on a ping pong table
2 Burton Rockford Plaza Ponsonbys On coffee table in changing room
3 Chumash Front of Nelson's General Store On a short table
4 Cypress Flats Ammu-Nation w/ Range Table outside gun range
5 Davis Davis Fire Department on Macdonald Street On a shelf beside a radio ? ?
6 Del Perro Beach End of the pier On the gifts kiosk next to the hotdog stand
7 Downtown Vinewood Pacific Bank On a blue table furthest from the entrance
8 El Burro Heights Tattoo Parlor/p In tattoo parlor, on the table
9 Grand Senora Desert Rebel Radio station On the L (vertical sign)
10 Grand Senora Desert On the side of a road Look at the picture
11 Grand Senora Desert Near house by Industrial Plant On a red tool cart
12 Pillbox Hill Convenience Store In the back office
13 Grapeseed McKenzie Field Inside the hangar on a desk to to the right
14 Great Chaparral House south of the Route 68 Church On the porch of house down dirt road
15 Hawick Auto Exotic garage On a red tool chest
16 Little Seoul Tram station near Heli Tours On bench in the little station
17 LS Intl. Airport First floor front entrance of LSIA Bench on the left near stairwell
18 Mirror Park Convenience Store In the back office
19 Mount Gordo Dirt trail up Mt Gordo At the campfire between the 3 tents
20 Murrieta Heights Liquor Store In the first backroom, on a shelf with a tray of ecola
21 Paleto Bay Bottom cable car station On an open window
22 Paleto Bay Tattoo Parlor Across the road from the tattoo parlor ontop of an atm
23 Paleto Bay Los Santos Customs On a desk in the left side of the building.
24 Pillbox Hill Ammu-Nation w/ Range On a table right outside the gun range
25 Pillbox Hill Between FBI & IAA On bench near eagle statue
26 RA Wind Farm Hippie Hangout Porch of beach camper
27 Raton Canyon Lookout Post Located on the mountain above the train tunnel
28 Richards Majestic Movie Studio On the cinder block wall in front of the Chihuahua Dogs stand
29 Richman Backyard of mansion at intersection of West Eclipse and Tongva Drive On the head of a statuette in a large-scale game of chess.
30 Richman Glen Convenience Store On the safe
31 Rockford Hills Building across from Life Invader. Inside the building on the shelf right when you enter
32 Rockford Hills Mansion at the end of Steele Way On a couch in the garage
33 San Chianski Mt. Range Houses above the Humane Labs On the window sill of the blue house
34 Sandy Shores Yellow Jack Bar On the pool table
35 Sandy Shores Sandy Shores Fire Station On a red tool cart
36 Senora Freeway YouTool hardware store On washing machines out front
37 Stab City Lost Hangout Near where you crack the safe on a stage
38 Strawberry Vanilla Unicorn interior On the bench seat of the second group booth from the entrance
39 Tataviam Mt. Ammu-Nation On the front counter near where you buy clothes
40 Terminal Jetsam Terminal Building On a picnic table
41 Vespucci Beach Musclehead Gym On a bench, where NPCs work out.
42 Vespucci Canals Barber Shop Table near sofa
43 Madrazo's Ranch Middle shed (sheds are in the back left of the ranch)
44 Observatory By the restrooms in the parking lot
45 Gentry Manor Hotel On a chair in the western courtyard
46 Discount Store In the changing room
47 Zancudo Millitary Base In booth at the north entrance