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|IP = [[Red Dead Redemption]]
|IP = [[Red Dead Redemption]]
|engine    = [[RAGE]]
|engine    = [[RAGE]]
|plataform        = PS4, Xbox One
|plataform        = PS4, Xbox One, PC
|rdate      = N/A
|rdate      = N/A
|forumlink    = [http://rdrforums.com RDRForums]
|forumlink    = [http://rdrforums.com RDRForums]

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Game Info
Red Dead Redemption 2
Developer(s): Rockstar Studios
Publisher(s):: Rockstar Games
IP: Red Dead Redemption
Engine: RAGE
Plataform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release date: N/A
Forum: RDRForums

Current Release date: OCTOBER 26, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One) / June-July 2019

Official Website

"Developed by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience." - Rockstar Games

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Pages in development


General info

The game is set in 1899.

RDR2 dev is led by Rockstar North.
RDR2 chronicles the "fall and fracture" of the gang.
RDR2 focuses heavily on player choice for the story and missions - " “We try to give you options within a lot of these missions to choose how you approach it, whether you'll send your buddies in first or whether you'll go in first,” says Rob Nelson, Co-Studio Head at Rockstar North, speaking to how players choices can affect interactions and missions."
It is player choice how Arthur interacts with the gang - he can hunt and explore alone, or he can keep the camp fed and supplied.
Interacting with the gang can earn job and mission invites.
Unknown yet if these choices affect narrative, but they will affect gameplay, but cutscenes can change depending how much Arthur helps the gang.
Between Redemption and Redemption II: “It’s a companion piece,” Rob Nelson, co-studio head of Rockstar North, tells me. “They exist together. They’re connected. There’s a lot of connective tissue between the two stories and lots of characters that you’ve seen before that you’ll see again.”
IGN saw a 45 minute demo - Bill needs Arthur's help on a small bank job in the town of Valentine.
RDR2 is technically a standalone and you don't need to have played Redemption to get the story.
Every NPC has a purpose in the world with work schedules.
Arthur's actions are connected to the world as Rockstar Games want players to live as him, not just play as him.
Home is the gang's camp, a living breathing community.
New gang members seen in the demo - Sean McGuire, Pearson (camp cook), Lenny, Karen.
Every gang member has a job within the community, such as cleaning clothes, collecting wood, which players will see happen naturally.
Gang spirits are higher if Arthur keeps the community well-fed through hunting or buying supplies.
If gang food is low, members get angry and start muttering about Arthur.
Camera doesn't cut away during interactions.
Rockstar is "blurring the lines" between main missions and side quests.
Missions and side questions are contextual i.e. depend on time of day and who you are with.
How NPCs react to Arthur depends on his choices in the world - each interaction offers a choice.
An example of choice seen when meeting an NPC was "Greet" or "Antagonise" and these dynamically change.
HUD was mostly switched off for the demo.
NPCs also react to how Arthur conducts himself within the world i.e. travelling with gun drawn or holstered makes a difference.
Farmers won't like Arthur travelling too close to their lands.
IGN witnessed Arthur looting from a nearby fisherman - fisherman's dog raised warning.
Arthur can choose how to deal with situations if caught stealing or commiting a crime - peacefully or forcefully.
Bounty for murder is higher than robbery.
Demo was set in an area called New Hanover.
Wildlife is rich - birds, deer, fireflies, bears, rabbits seen in the demo.
Horses are vastly improved - your horse is your companion rather than transport.
Arthur can bond with his mount - calming it when agitated, feeding it, grooming it.
Strong bonds with your horse can result in calmer personality.
Untrained horses are unpredictable.
Horses stay put when dismounting.
You can whistle for horse but only if you're nearby.
Horses carry supplies and larger weapons.
Different horse breeds have different personalities reacting to the environment and situations.
When hunting, Arthur can tie trophies to his horse or skin them first.
Skinning animations and sounds return.
Weapon seen in demo - bow and arrow for hunting.
Arthur can crouch when hunting.
Animal distress sounds are "brutal, bloody and exceptionally unpleasant" when hunting.
Dead animals left on the ground from the hunt decay over time so should be returned to camp.
When selling meat to butchers, you'll get more money for better quality i.e. less decay or less gun shot debris.
Other characters can ask Arthur what direction to complete the mission in.
Dead Eye returns and is mostly similar to Redemption in the demo.
The map is a large world sprawling from snowy wastelands in the north to swamps in the south with a city in-between.