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Item Info
Grand Theft Auto V PULSE
Developer(s): PULSE
Publisher(s):: PULSE
Type: Common
Value: £80
Plataform(s): PS3/PS4
Release date: 17 September 2013

"This headset includes all of the great features experienced on the existing PULSE wireless stereo headset such as BassImpact technology, virtual 7.1 surround sound and a crystal clear built-in noise cancelling mic.

In addition, the headset also comes loaded with a special Grand Theft Auto V Sound Mode. This sound mode enhances immersion by letting players use both sound and vibration to sense the impact of bullets, helping to locate incoming gunfire in hectic shootouts; as well as a vibration-based heartbeat to indicate low health, and additional effects to enhance explosions, crashes and much more.

We are also pleased to announce that today the PULSE Manager app for PS3 will also be released across SCEE. Download the app for free from the PlayStation Store to get the most from your PULSE wireless stereo headset with additional pre-set sound modes optimised for games, movies and music.

Different sound modes can be transferred onto your headset to boost your BassImpact and 7.1 virtual surround sound experiences, enhancing everything you hear through your headset.Preset sound modes include: game, music, movie, shooter, racing, fighting, techno, hip-hop, action and horror.

There are also bespoke pre-set sound modes designed to produce the perfect acoustic environment in some of your favourite games. Become even more immersed in the action and get the ultimate audio advantage in titles like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and the already mentioned, Grand Theft Auto V.

The Grand Theft Auto V Wireless Stereo Headset is available in selected stores from today.

The PULSE Manager app can be downloaded from today for free on the PS3 and is available from the PlayStation Store. The app is compatible with the existing PULSE Wireless stereo headset and the Grand Theft Auto V edition." - playstation.com