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The Blista is a minivan in Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories and a compact in Grand Theft Auto V and Online. It is made by Dinka in the latter two games.

Name Interpretations

  • Regarding the GTA3 and Liberty City Stories rendition, the name "blista" may be a variation of the term "blister" with multiple definitions, some of them being "to defeat (a competitor) decisively", "to hit (a ball, shot, etc.) very powerfully" and "an irritating person", possibly referring to soccer moms as they typically drive minivans (or SUVs), take their children to time-consuming after-school and sport activities and are seen as and considered annoying. The first two definitions also hint at the USA women's soccer team being the champions of FIFA Women's World Cup 4 times, hinting back again at soccer mom reference. Soccer moms may be seen as "blisters" of the American nation due to their criticism, especially regarding raising children.
  • Regarding the GTAV and Online rendition, the name probably makes fun of its small, bubbly size.