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12/03/2019 build 0.0.22

  • Biz page was not loading data correctly from mysql, fixed.
  • User's vehicle page started.
  • Vehicle info stored: id, brand, name, stock value, market value, owner, hp, condition.
  • modcp started.

10/03/2019 build 0.0.21

  • Added armor to the base inventory as suggested by slohbur
  • Started player's stats page. snapshot
  • Started biz page. snapshot
  • Info stored for gangs: name, leader, legal money, dirty money, crypto money, xp points

06/03/2019 build 0.0.20

  • Location was not being stored for the player, lost from build 0.13 for some reason. Added it back.
  • Started documentation in case someone else works on this.

04/03/2109 Build 0.0.14

  • Added 'rank' to be stored in the player's info. See more info here.
  • Template changes.
  • Added code for the horse races.
  • Started site map. here

28/02/2019 Build 0.0.13

- Added 'location' to be stored in the player's info.
- Added db check to see if the players is doing/done a job recently.
- Added how many successful and unsuccessful jobs as the player done.
- Added bounties to be stored in the player's info.

26/02/2019 Build 0.12

- Added MySQL connection.
- Players are now able to register an account and login.
- Some player info is now being stored and displayed on the site.
- We've started experimenting with a 1v1 PvP system.
- User's session cookies are working, sometimes.
- Player are now able to logout.