Gold usb pen

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Item Info
Gold USB Bar
Developer(s): Rockstar Games
Publisher(s):: Rockstar Games
Type: Rare
Value: £20
Origin: The music of GTAV and R* Warehouse, press kits
Plataform(s): Collectible
Release date: 2014

"Snag some encrypted info on the go with this golden hued 2GB USB flash drive featuring a retractable USB that is extended via a slider on the bottom. The bar is cast in a weighty zinc alloy and features molded Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Logos on its front. " - Newswire

Original link for the page at the Warehouse.

Number of units: 5,000 (CD/vinyl OST) + press kits + Warehouse sales.

Different Versions

The press kit flash drive has a chip controller from Alcor Micro, the AU6987ANHL and 2GB capacity. This version also has a red led light on the back.

The OST flash driver has a chip controller from Chipsbank, the CBM2098E, and 8GB capacity.

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