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About RDRV

A couple of hard work years have been put into this, but as it converts assets from an RockstarGames IP into another it was canned pretty much after it became public. Hard to know exactly why it was C&D'ed, but definitely a combination of the new modding policy being enforced and Take2's upcoming title RDR2.


OYrUmRc.png File:TZlUrH.jpg RZF87Tz.png


Q: What is 'Red Dead Redemption V'

A: Red Dead Redemption V, or 'RDRV', is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Our goal is to bring you the full map with additional content which will be unveiled later on.

Q: What is '.White'

.White ("dot white") is the brains behind it all. It's a toolkit which offers support for multiple Rage based Games, however, we are currently primarily focussed on Red Dead Redemption support for all of the 'Xenon' resources. As for the reasoning of the '.white' name, we'll let you figure that out yourselves:) Here are 1 2 3 teasers from our Model Viewer.

Q: Will there be Multiplayer?

A: This mod is for Single Player usage only. We do not condone the use of this mod in GTA Online, nor third party multiplayer clients.

Q: Can I help develop this mod?

A: Sure! We are always open to expand our team. We are mostly looking for programmers who are able to help us reverse engineer the file formats. We are also looking for scripters who are able to remake any of the game's original content over to GTAV, think minigames and certain mechanics such as Dead Eye Targeting. If you have experience creating normal, specular and height maps, you are also welcome.

When possible, we will also need converters for Vehicles, characters and animals.

Q: How far is the mod in development?

A: The framework is all there, we are constantly finetuning the methods we use to convert the game. .White aims to get as close to the original as possible. Out of all the other Rage games released before GTA5, RDR is the toughest one to crack, so please be patient.

Q: When can we expect a release?

A: We aim to bring you the first beta sometime this Summer. Stay tuned for the exact date!

Q: Can we expect any improvements over the original game?

A: Mainly only graphical improvements. Other than that, we are using all the shaders that are made available to us. We are remaking a large portion of the normal maps as they are half the size on the consoles. We will also be adding Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Tessaslation where applicable.

Q: Are you converting the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game?

A: Xbox 360.

Q: What's the download size of this mod?

A; Aproximately 2GB.

Q: When can we expect more screenshots and a trailer?

A: As soon as possible! We want to make sure to have everything in place without missing portions of the map before showing it off.

Q: Can we get in contact with the developers?

A: Sure! You can PM one of the team members OR join the skype chat to talk directly to the development team, as well as general discussion about RDR(2).


Mr. Leisurewear Lead programmer

Reverse Engineer

.White developer

tank1/Aviator777 Supporting (Programmer / reverse engineer)


Research V Map editing

Timecycle \ Visuals


Map support


Player support


Research V Map editing

Interiors integration



Rdr research/support

Art support (Textures)


Research V Map editing

Art support (Shaders, Textures, Blending)


Gameplay scripting


Shader support / Map editing support (CodeWalker tool)

Thanks to: Neodymium - MetaTool

dexyfex - CodeWalker