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Rockstar Games, Inc.
Studio: Rockstar Toronto
Founded: 1988
Former: Imagexcel
GameTek Canada
Rockstar Canada, Inc.
Rockstar Toronto, Inc.
Rockstar Vancouver (merge)
Location: Oakville, ON, Canada
Employees: Unknown
Focus: The Warriors
Max Payne
Discussion: GTAForums

Rockstar Toronto, formerly Rockstar Canada, was founded in 1999 after being bought from GameTek Canada. The studio already existed since 1988, but under different ownerships. Rockstar Vancouver was merged with Rockstar Toronto in 2012, following Max Payne 3's release.
This studio is mostly known for being the studio who develops the PC versions of Rockstar games (nowadays along with Rockstar North), and for having developed Max Payne 3 and ported Max Payne 2 to the PlayStation 2. They also developed The Warriors.

Games developed

Presence in the Community

Rockstar Toronto representatives registered at GTAForums in December 2008, to help with GTA IV PC technical issues that arised during its lifetime. Official account at GTAF