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Slink posted on GTAForums on 18 September 2013

"Wassup everybody? My name is Slink Johnson, actor/writer/comedian and the likeness and voice of Lamar from GTA V. I've been silently watching these forums for some time now and I just wanna say thank you to all you guys/girls for your interest and support! This is by far the biggest project I've been part of, thus far in my career and it is a very, very humbling experience. I've been sitting on this secret for 4 years and finally I can reveal it! YAAAAY, MUTHAf*ckAS! As a game fan myself, I was excited and anticipating the release of GTA V and seeing it, it exceeds my expectation and my wildest dreams! I'm glad to know that everyone is enjoying the project! This sh*t is WILD! Again, on behalf of myself and my homeboy Solo (Franklin), I just personally thank everybody for helping GTA V have one of the biggest launches ever and helping me achieve my goals and live my dreams. I love yall muthaf*ckas for that! Keep playing, keep dreaming and don't let anyone tell you YOU CAN'T. Getcho money, yall! HA! GANGSTA sh*t!!!

Much Love, Slink Johnson aka Lamar Davis"

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