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GTA League is a forum game inspired by omega/mafia rp-text games.




GTALeague will be structured with statistics that players can directly modify or affect with their actions. Those will be saved in a central database for seamless manipulation whilst using any of the available features. Some of the current stats (WIP) are listed below:

General Stats

  • Name - Your name, should match your GTAForums name.
  • Level - This is your character's level. Levels will allow you to interact with more things and have more actions available as you level up - think GTA Online. The full extent of this stat is still WIP.
  • Money - Money will allow you to buy vehicles, weapons and other supplies, and can also be used for gambling. It can be earned by completing jobs and challenges. Every player starts with $1000.
  • Luck - Much like GTA San Andreas' luck stat, a higher amount of luck allows you to be better at gambling and other TBA actions.
  • Strength - The strength stat defines how muscled your character is and how well it can do in a melee fight or while holding a heavy weapon like a rocket launcher.
  • Driving Skill - A higher driving skill improves your driving ability and players with higher driving skills are more likely to be designated drivers for a gang.
  • Gun Skill - Defines how well you can do with weapons in general. The higher the skill, the better your aiming and shooting abilities will be.
  • Stamina - This stat influences how much you can run before you become tired. You can improve this stat at a gym or by running track.
  • Society Level






Skills are essential for a gang to work as flawlessly as possible in each job and operation given to them. They can be developed by practicing each of the respective activities, such as shooting guns (or visiting a gun range), driving vehicles (or visiting a driving school).


Money can be earned in several ways in the world of GTA League, (TBD).


Items are available in different categories.

Participating Gangs

GTANet Certified

GTANet Non-Certified


Dev & Changelog

Policy and Privacy

Collected data include: game info, user login (This is verified via forum/discord), password (these are hashed and salted). No IPs or e-mails are collected.
Names and brands from GTA are used and belong solely to Rockstar Games and may be removed if we are asked to do so.